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What We Do

Clean, Polish and Inspection

We at Littman’s are delighted to offer you a complimentary in-house clean and settings check on your precious rings to ensure they have been cleaned by one of our specialists, Please book an appointment below and tell us a brief description of your item so we are able to advise the type of clean we can provide.

Our Services

We offer state of the art services to our clients. Whether it be cleaning, polishing, resizing, or watch maintenance, we do it all. We help ensure that no matter what piece of jewelry or watch you own, it will always be taken care of. Our team of professionals will leave your jewelry looking and working like the day you first bought it.

We Are Gemologists

Providing Gemological Services provides in the form of a Certificate of Authenticity or an Appraisal, a sense of confidence in identifying and estimating replacement values for your most loved and cherished pieces. G.I.A. Gemoligists