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Quality at a reasonable price..


For over 38 Years now, Littman's has been a trusted family name on the island of Bonaire, home to Divers set in  Paradise. The island is a top five Dive destination and calls enthousiasts from all over the globe to enjoy the underwater life that has been protected and is our showcase in these green times we are experiencing.


When we first arrived here, the island was so clean and beautifull. You could understand why people were happy here even though there weren't any Supermarkets and Restaurants really. Now 40 some years later the island is still beatifull, the people are kind and we have grown to a population of 18'000 inhabitants and counting. The Supermarkets are fresh and there are award winning Restaurants to visit and to enjoy. Come and see how our Dream turned into a Beautifull Reality.

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Our History


Since 1984 the Littman Family has owned this beautiful building on the main street, a promise and


 a gentleman's handshake not to change the facade of this Kaya Grandi monument, it became a


dream come true; a fine jewelry store serving the Bonairean community, the mind set on offering a


quality piece of jewelry and timepiece at a reasonable price is still to this day the foundation of


our success. "You have been given one life, dream as to live forever.." Steven and Esther Littman


Your hard earned trophee..


Jewellery as a form of protection, adornment and status dates back to the


beginning of man. In these early civilisations, the pieces were not made of


precious metals and gems but organic materials that originated from the natural


world. As time went on, the materials became more sophisticated, incorporating


gold and gemstones that acted as amulets and talismans, and portrayed rank


and royalty, but would eventually become objects to be worn for the sake of


individuality, enjoyment and beauty.


Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean


Come see how our dream has turned in to a beautifull reality.

Littmans, quality at a reasonable price..

Working Hours


Mon - Fri: 09:00-12:30 14:00-17:30


Saturday: 9:00 - 15:30


Sunday: CLOSED

Get in Touch


Kaya Grandi 33-35 Kralendijk Bonaire BQ

Email: info@littman.nl

Phone: (599) 717 8160

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